The time her belly button exploded…



2010-04-06 05.11.07

I was a new dad and had no idea what I was doing with a baby. One morning I woke up and went to change her diaper.  When I noticed this clear gel like substance pouring out of her diaper.  WHAT IS THAT? I didn’t want to call my wife because my daughter may have radioactive material coming out of her BOOhonkas! So I did what any rational male would do! I jumped to an outrageous conclusion and made the situation worse.  Addy could flip her belly button in and out. It made me cringe! It was a crazy trick. (In hindsight it’s SO a sensory fidget thing #autism) I decided that the clear gel must have come from her belly button. She pulled on it until it exploded and now my child was leaking important bodily fluid. I wasn’t sure what fluid that was but I decided it was time to tell my wife that Addy was leaking alien blood.

It must be motherly instinct, Leah knew right away that it wasn’t alien blood. Plus, she told me that it was highly unlikely that Addy was bitten by a radioactive spider and had powers similar to Peter Parker. (Crap that would’ve been awesome!) Addy had pulled her belly button out but she also pulled on the diaper itself. The gel was from the inside of the diaper. How did I not know that there was expandable floam like gel inside a diaper? Lesson learned! Dads anytime there is fluid coming out of your child and you don’t know what it is, ASK YOUR WIFE FOR HELP! Don’t panic and jump to crazy conclusions.

I hope someone shares this with a new dad. I don’t want them to freak out like I did. If they eve find the clear gel inside a diaper.Also, share it with them so they get up and help change those diapers.


Thanks for reading. What are some mistakes you have made changing diapers? How have you learned from them.

TP Man v #autism



2 thoughts on “The time her belly button exploded…

  1. Ann Wisner says:

    I was changing my firstborn once when what appeared to be a green worm appeared in the rear region. I freaked out and my grandpa heard the ruckus and came over. He picked up the creature, examined it and identified it as a dill pickle rind.

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