MISTAKES I’VE MADE: Practicing with Addison

Tonight’s mistake is one I make all the time. I try to make Addy learn and do things other kids have done. It always blows up in my face. Can she sign? Yes. Will she? No. Can she use AAC? Will she consistently? No. I think she knows she’s supposed to speak. Anyway, I’ve had luck in the last few weeks teaching her how to type. Check out tonight’s work by clicking the link below.

Instead of trying to make her do what others do, I need to lean and work towards her interest. When I do, I am finding more success. So, don’t feel like you have to do what others are doing with their kids. Whether they are typical or not. Pay attention to what your child likes and or is interested in and start there!   What do your kids like? How do/could you work towards their interests?

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2 thoughts on “MISTAKES I’VE MADE: Practicing with Addison

  1. Tricia haynes says:

    I can feel ya there. Rebekah has SOD (sept optic dysplasia) which has delayed her in some ways. I constantly worry about whether or not others will pick on her because she doesn’t communicate like others do and she likes things that are not her grade level. Her last birthday, I worried about how she may be made fun of because she wanted a My Little Pony party and she was turning 11. I had a very good friend of mine remind me that it didn’t matter how others felt about it, as long as it made her happy and I showed her that I was happy with her. So I threw the My Little Pony party and she told me that was the best time she had ever had. She still talks about it. Not because it was My Little Pony. But because of how she felt when she knew everyone was there to support her and make her feel special. It’s hard as a parent to step back anD remember it’s not our job to make our kids better for the world, but instead, it’s our job to make their world as great as it can me.

    • That is such a hard thing for all of us. Addy loves Elmo. I have finally reached a point where I don’t care what the others think too. Addy loved going to Sesame Street live she was openly and clearly happy! I loved it.

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