A letter to my son’s teacher

I wrote this last year. It was for Mckade. Sadly, the year didn’t go as planned. I am grateful that now we are blessed with McKade’s new teacher. I wanted to share again because I think it applies to so many kids.

Dear teachers, 
I am writing to you today on behalf of my son and daughter. Both of them have varying degrees of autism. They both attend special classes the majority of their day at school. I am writing to ask you to give them a chance in your room. That’s right in the “REGULAR” ed classroom. I am not going to spend time reciting what is already in their IEPs or telling you about IDEA laws regarding least restrictive environment. Legally, they have the right to be with their peers, but just because someone makes a law doesn’t mean we all want to follow it. So parent to teacher I am asking for a chance. My son is classified as a 4th grader. He is supposed get to go to a regular education setting or class for Science & Social Studies. However, let’s all be honest. Science and Social Studies aren’t tested subjects. Sadly, they get little or no attention in the classroom. When we asked you what times these subjects were taught you added, “If we get to it.” When asked what materials my son would need for your class you said, ” Nothing, we will just give them a sheet or two.” Please just give him a chance. Let me be clear to you. I don’t care if he learns about Science or Social Studies. I don’t care if he can complete the endless parade of pointless worksheets set in front of him. What matters to me is that he gets the same chance that everyone else does to come into your room. I want him to have the chance to see how the “typical” kids work, talk, and play. I want him to have a chance to learn the classroom procedures. I want him to have a chance to make a friend. There is so much he or she could learn besides what is stated in the curriculum or printed on a worksheet. Things like respect, responsibility and empathy. Remember all the reasons you became a teacher? I want my son to have a chance to experience that with you. So please give him a chance.

Thank you, 
One Man v Autism



4 thoughts on “A letter to my son’s teacher

  1. As a 4th grade teacher, I would love to get this letter from a parent. I would keep it handy for those challenging days when I might need a reminder of why the extra work (and, let’s be honest, it is extra work to take one more kiddo when you already have 32 others) is worth it and why it’s so valuable!

  2. avis says:

    My heart goes out to that parent. I am a true believer that “Wisdom is the product of knowledge and experience, but it is more than the accumulation of information. It is the coordination of this information and its deliberate use to improve the well-being of humans. Your children have the right to be with their peers. They have the right to be free. Free to live with joy and not pain. Pain because of the ignorance of others. People are wise when they use their intelligence to seek the common good and have an understanding of how their actions can affect others.

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