Never stop looking for a way in with a student…

My oldest child is tough! She has autism. She is non verbal. She is also really high functioning. She is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma covered in a shroud of secret sauce. Plus, she is a red head and has exhibits every stereotypical red headed behavior.

Without Communication...

When she was in school communication was always an issue.  Teachers never found an effective way to communicate with Addison.  Without some type of communication it’s impossible to form a strong relationship. With out a relationship, learning cannot occur.  A typical school situation with Addy would include a teacher trying to get her to write letters on a worksheet. Addison would shut down and or act out. She wouldn’t do the work. The teacher would label her non compliant and move on. Since this would happen so often, Addy’s teachers had no way of knowing what she “really” knew.  They assumed that Addy understood and knew very little.

This is the first time we had an RPM trainer come and work with Addy. If you watch the video above, you will see that Addison knows a lot more than anyone previously thought. She was answering comprehension questions, inferring, and even did multiplication!  All because someone found a way in. A teacher took the time to learn and try something different. You can google RPM methods and learn more on your own about the approach. My point for writing today is just because a student isn’t learning the way you teach doesn’t mean they can’t learn. We must never stop looking for a way in. We must try to find an effective way to communicate. Finally, we must never stop looking for a way to foster a strong relationship with our students.Strong relationships are the key to strong learning.


Watch more RPM videos with Addison here on my youtube channel

If you feel inclined please visit and share my gofundme page. I am trying to raise money for another trainer to come and work with both of my kids with autism using the RPM method.

Thank you for reading. May the force be with you,
TP @jedipadmaster


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