10 Books that have impacted my life…

I was challenged by Erin Morin to list 10 books that have impacted my life in different ways… Hmm just 10? I’ll try….


1. The Harry Potter series- on a pedestal above all others.

2. A Series of Unfortunate Events – never forget reading these to Addy, when she was in NICU. There was mystery, misery, secret codes, and of course Count Olaf! 

3. The Princess Bride by William Goldman- great book great movie NUFF SAID

4. Holes by Louis Sachar- Proof that covers don’t do a book justice. This book has so much to love. Outlaws, Lizards, Mysteries, secret curses, stinky feet and treasure make this is a must read. To me Holes is a book that isn’t just for kids. Grown ups would be caught up in this layered story as well.  

5. The Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull – A book that started slow but once it started it never slowed down. Think Jurassic Park with Magical Creatures. The first book was so suspenseful and well written that I can honestly remember staying up all night unable to tear my eyes off the page. 

6. Beowulf- Old English version… High School Eng lit teacher took the time to show my why this was so awesome and to help me understand it. It actually started my interest in reading. (Yes, not until high school, I know ) 

7.  Gone Baby Gone and Gone Girl- (TIE)  are two books that I can sit and discuss over and over. What would you do? Why would you choose that? They are really messed up books and amazing reads at the same time. 

8. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes- I didn’t read a lot as a kid but I always read Calvin and Hobbes. In my opinion the greatest cartoon/art to ever grace a newspaper. 

9. Artemis Fowl- my go to book that I started reading to my boys each year when I taught 5th grade. The main character is a bad guy who wants to kidnap a Leprechaun and steal her gold. This isn’t your typical Leprechaun. Artemis kidnaps a member of the L. ower E. lements P. olice Recon division and she is NOT happy about.  This is the best YA series that for some crazy reason hasn’t been made into a film yet. #soapbox there are like 9 Step UP and Dance movies but no Artemis Fowl….SMH shame Murica shame.

10.  Hoot by Carl Hiassan New kid sees weird kid running barefoot while riding the bus to school. Weird kid is trying to protect Baby Burrowing Owls from a Pancake Chain that is going to destroy their home.  My wife bought me this book for Christmas one year. It’s still in my top ten! 


honorable mention to 
Sisters Grimm- the most fun I have ever had reading. 

Percy Jackson- student favorite while teaching

Thank you to My wife for coping with my book issues. My parents for buying me comics when I would read nothing else. Thank you to Mickie Knight for teaching me to understand and appreciate literature. Thank you to Suzanna Session for helping me appreciate grown up books (Glass Castle still gets me)

May the force be with you… I will be reading! 








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