The time I thought I electrocuted myself…or When McKade Super Glued my sock to my foot. #manvsautism

My wife takes care of all of us. She is a smart, calm, amazing stay at home mom. She always has such a great attitude. No matter what emergency goes down; she always stays calm. I am so not as cool as Hot Mamma. One day I hope to be as calm as she is when the chips are down. This was not that day.  My wife had run to the store to get some groceries. The lights went out! We have an older house and sometimes when too many items are plugged in the breakers like to kick! I walked in the dark back to the breaker box. I flipped the switch and things went back to “normal.”

When I made it back to the couch, I noticed my sock felt funny. I looked at my foot and started to panic.  Part of my sock was stuck to my foot. I tried pulling it off. It wouldn’t budge. I sat down and tried pulling like it was a band aid. I stopped when my skin started to tear. I had no idea what had happened. I had to call my wife. She told me to put my foot into a sink of hot water. When she arrived, I was a mess. The sock wouldn’t budge. It looked like the sock had melted onto my foot. Leah and I decided that when I flipped the breaker something may have electrocuted me and burned my sock. I know it, it sounds like something from a Marvel Comic. Except after this horrible unexplainable accident my only super power was crying when we pulled on the sock. To make matters worse I dropped my phone into the sink of hot water. We soaked the sock and loosened it enough that my wife was able to detach it from my foot. Luckily, it only removed two layers of skin. While she patched me up, my youngest, walked into the living room and said, “Dad you stepped on McKade’s crazy glue huh?” “He was gluing legos. That must be what happened to your foot huh?” (Thanks LEGO MOVIE i.e. KRAGLE)

No horrible comic book electrocution. My son’s toy repairs kind of glued my sock to my foot. Wasn’t my best day. Luckily, my phone dried out, my foot healed, & my family was there to help me not feel stupid. Before you scroll down I must warn you…there is a picture of my foot…with the sock stuck to it. It’s a little alarming.



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