WHO GETS HUMPERDINK? #TeachlikeaGeeK #autism


Never seen the Princess Bride?

Let me explain.

It’s too much.

Let me sum it up. Wesley, the hero, had been mostly dead all day. His two friends, Fezzig and Indigo, had Miracle Max make a miracle pill to bring Wesley back to life. They needed Wesley’s help storming Prince Humperdink’s castle. Humperdink was about to force Wesley’s true love,Buttercup, to marry him and become queen.

SPOILERS AHEAD: Wesley was able to locate and rescue the Princess. Since he was mostly dead all day, Wesley was too weak to battle Prince Humperdink. Instead, he used his quick wit to escape and ride off into the sunset with his true love and friends.   Leaving Fred Savage to ask, “WHO GETS HUMPERDINK?” Surely, someone kills Humperdink. He’s the bad guy? Bad guys don’t win.

When my kids were diagnosed with autism, I wanted someone to get Humperdink too! I wanted someone to pay. I wanted someone to be responsible for what had happened to my son & daughter. I wanted vengeance. It has taken me almost 12 years to start to let go of that anger. Anger is a heavy burden to carry and will stop from enjoying your spouse, kids, and yourself. Wesley left Humperdink behind because enjoying his true love was sweeter than gaining revenge on someone who had wronged him. Leave behind your own search for vengenance and enjoy those wonderful people around you.

I used to want someone to pay for my kids autism. Not any more. I am too busy teaching them. I am too busy trying to enter their world. I am too busy being challenged by them. I am too busy laughing with them.  I am so busy living my life with them, like Wesley, I don’t care who gets Humperdink any more either. 

May the force be with you.


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