@Oprah, You’ve Got to Put Your Behind in the Past.

“You’ve Got to Put Your Behind in the Past. “

Pumba “The Lion King”

Are you there @Oprah? It’s me Toby.  #TheDude did something amazing at school. It was great but bittersweet. I was so proud of what he did, but at the same time it reminded me of people who told me things he would never be able to do.


#theDude is there in the first pic under the orange sign. His homeroom class had to stay in for recess. The class all decided and asked that instead of playing games, they wanted to learn how to draw Princess Peach. Each morning, when #theDude comes to class, he always has a picture of Princess Peach. He draws her, colors her, and thinks she’s the best. Since #theDude always asks his teachers to draw Princess Peach, they wanted to be able to draw her for him too.

The whole class was SO INTO this how to video that they asked the teacher to let a step play, pause it, and then go on once they all got the piece drawn.  #TheDude ‘s FORMER teacher told us he would never be able to spend more than ten minutes in a regular ed classroom. That day he spent over two hours. His special education teacher was near, but wasn’t needed.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy it made me that the class and regular ed teachers took the time to form a bond with my son. They did not have to do it. They are not autism specialists. They are just good people who wanted him to belong. We need more people like them. You don’t have to know everything about autism to help a child with autism. The teachers and kiddos at Richland Upper are a prime example of that. Plus, I finally get to put the teacher who told me what he would never do behind me in my past. Thank you for reading @Oprah.

May the Force Be With You,

Toby @jedipadmaster


#theDude, his finished picture, and his buddies 17780348670_112dc935cc_o


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