Who is in your TOP 5? This week’s #MsEDChat topic!


If you had to make a list of the TOP 5 People who helped you become who you are today, who would be on the list?

I attended Millsaps College Summer Principal’s Institute. It’s a week long leadership building SUPER class. We collaborate,share, reflect, connect and get to hear some of the best speakers in the country. Steve Gililand posed the Top 5 question to all of us. Who are the Top 5 People who have helped you become who you are today? Here is my Top 5

1. My Parents- They taught me to work hard. Each day I watched my parents work a lot and work really hard. My dad was an executive chef and would work up 12 hours a day for the same man for over 40 years. My mom worked two jobs most of my life. She would work retail, wait tables, and clean houses.  My mom told me every day that I would go to college and get a degree. So one day I wouldn’t have to work like they did.

2. Mickie Knight- She taught me how to love reading. I hated reading by the time I landed in her class. I knew I was destined to fail, because I heard she is super tough. She told me I wouldn’t fail because she would help me and make sure I earned a good grade. I told her I hated reading stuff at school. She took the time to teach me how to read and understand Eng literature. She explained to me that Beowulf was actually a story about a killer monster, a hero, and revenge. She helped me see that reading can be fun and interesting if you give it a chance. She helped me make connections to a story that I would not have ever tried on my own. Without her help I never would have become the voracious reader that I am today.

3. Leah aka HOT MAMMA- she taught me how to have faith. I always said without Leah, I am one lab accident away from being a Super Villain. I have the ability to lift people up or tear them down with my words if I wanted.  When I am down, negative, or cynical, she helps remind me of the purpose God gave me. I am here to help kids and the teachers I work with find ways to that they can change the world for the better. She helps me stay focused and have faith that God will help us get to where we are supposed to be.

4. My kids- #harshtruth… If my kids didn’t have autism, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. They have made me stronger, calmer, smarter, and crazier all at the same time. They have taught me to laugh and gave me a reason to persevere.

5. Mick Foley- I met the Best Selling Author and Former WWE Champion once in Dayton Ohio. I have always wanted to be like Mick for two simple reasons. He taught me that no matter what you do go all in! Dive off the cage, take too many chair shots,  and light that table on fire. As an educator we can’t do what Mick did in the ring but we can be excited about what we GET TO DO! We can kiss the pig, fist bump every student each day, smile, plan really good staff meetings! Because of Mick, I always try to be the best at what I do, and make sure kids go home each day saying, “Wow, you won’t believe what Price did today. I can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow!”

There are several others who could be listed here. Dr. Tanya Crain, Dr. Norman Session, Dr. Barbara McCool, & of course Oprah.  The people you come in contact with daily impact you in so many ways.  After we made this list, Steve Gililand asked us to think about whose list we would be on. Have you done something for someone else that helped them so much. Would you be on someone’s list? He told us to pose this question to our staff. I want to challenge us all to make it on as many people’s lists as we can this year.  Be there for people. Show them your best qualities. Help someone just because they need help! Inspire them!

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May the Force Be With You