10 RULES…My wife has vowed to haunt me if I don’t make these 10 simple things happen daily!


In the event of Leah’s untimely demise… I have sworn to impart these rules to my daughters. She has vowed to haunt me if I don’t make these 10 simple things happen daily!

Rule 1. Wipe your bootie correctly. If you do not you will get an UTI. Front to back!

Rule 2. Wear a bra… no excuses.

Rule 3. Wear deodorant.

Rule 4. Make up is optional.

Rule 5. Make an effort to tame your hair at least once a day.

Rule  6. Always pull your shirt down over your butt crack. No one should see your butt crack except your parents, doctors, or spouses.

Rule 7.  Your pants should never be so tight that people can look and tell what type of underwear you have on.

Rule 8. Wear clean underwear every day.

Rule 9. Swim suit bottoms are NOT the same thing as underwear. Never go to bed with a swimsuit on. You will regret it.

Rule 10. Cleavage can be tricky. There will be a time and place for it. But until you can pay your own mortgage never leave the house with more than you would be willing to have while sitting in between your grandfather and your pastor.

Dads, now you know. Ladies did we miss any?
Thanks for reading. May the force be with you!


We don’t have to… we get to. What would you add?

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School has started here in Mississippi. I don’t want all of the things we have to do to get in the way of what we get to do. So I decided to make a list. The things we get to do can sometimes be overshadowed by the things we have to do.


  • Tier Paperwork
  • Grade Assessments
  • Daily Record keeping
  • Take attendance
  • Post grades online
  • Teach
  • Go to meetings

GET TO dos

  • Create and decorate our rooms using paints, colors, markers, glitter, and whatever else we can find.
  • We get to share some of the most amazing stories with our kids. We could be the first person to read “Where the Wild Things Are” to them
  • We get to laugh with students
  • We get to help teach students how to tie their shoes
  • We get to teach kids how to play tetherball and four square
  • We get to make kids feel good about themselves.
  • We get to wear Star Wars t-shirts on Fridays- Added by E. Orders 3rd grade Richland Upper Elementary
  • We get to throw a stuffed angry bird to students who participate and answer questions.

There are so many more get tos than have tos.  Don’t let the HAVE TOs overshadow the GET TOs!

What would you add to either list?

Thank you for reading. May the force be with you.
Toby-Wan Kenobi