Take the Pledge! #STARWARS

I remember the first time I saw Back to the Future 2 in theaters. I had no idea it would end that way! The only thing I knew about Back to the Future 3 was what I saw in the teaser at the end of part 2.  I left the theater excited because of the cliff hanger and exhilarated to wait and see how the whole thing would end. It was a prime example of delayed gratification.

Thanks to social media delayed anything these days is almost extinct. So here is what I propose. Let’s do whatever we can to keep Force Awakens Spoilers off of our Social Networks. Don’t read them. If you do, don’t share them. Let’s keep it magical. Let’s wait and enjoy it in the theaters. Keep sharing to the following minimum spoiler free posts.

Possible posts you can make after seeing the movie…

I did/did not like #TheForceAwakens #NoStarWarsSpoilersPledge

I will/ will not see #TheForceAwakens again  #NoStarWarsSpoilersPledge

My kids liked/ did not like #TheForce Awakens  #NoStarWarsSpoilersPledge

I won’t see the movie on opening day. I am taking my son and daughter to see it too. He has autism and doesn’t always do well in large crowds. So we are going early on a Sunday a few days after it premieres. During that time, I am going to fight the urge to look. I want to be surprised and amazed when I watch it on the big screen. When you see it, keep your posts vague. Keep your posts spoiler free. Keep the experience magical for as many people as you can.



Thank you for taking the pledge to share #NoStarWarsSpoilersPledge

Thank you for reading.

May the force be with you.

Toby- Wan Kenobi




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