A different way to think about Spring Break

I am excited about the upcoming Spring Break. My wife and I are looking forward to reading, wearing out some Netflix, working on the yard, and playing with the kids. I am so pumped, I want to turn a cartwheel. But I won’t ( I could break something).  My own kids would rather be at school each day. They love being around other kids and thrive on the routine school gives. School is one of the few times, they get to be around typical kids their own age. (Especially kids who know them and treat them like friends) My own kids don’t like the break. I bet you have a lot of kids who would rather skip the break too.  School offers a lot of our friends things they can’t get any where else.   School gives a lot of our students two guaranteed meals. School is the only place where someone is happy to see them. School is a break for some of our kids. A break where they just get to be themselves & don’t have to tend to their younger siblings. School is a place where they get to make things with cool markers, crayons, papers, duct tape and glue. School is a place full of wonderful books to read. School is consistent, constant, and safe. Not every kid dreads Spring Break, but for the ones that do let’s try this…

  1. Ask them if they want to take some books home to read over the break.
  2. Let them borrow some markers, colors, or paper. You know who likes to create and may not have the materials at home.
  3. Find a way to load some up with some snacks, if you think food may be an issue over the break.
  4. Remind them that you will be there for them when they get back!
  5. Let them know how you “secretly” don’t like these long breaks either and can’t wait until we GET to come back.

So celebrate the break with your family and friends. Also, think about  your students who understand that school is something they GET TO DO not just something they have to do. Help them by showing them just a little bit of extra time, attention, and kindness.

May the force be with you.




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