The Almost True Adventures of Tytus the Monkey #WorldAutismDay

This is a story I wrote to be made into a picture book. My wife and I are still working on the illustrations. It is based on mostly true events. Taking our kids with autism and our monkey to the store is always eventful.  In honor of World Autism Day we wanted to share this story with others!
Thank you for reading and sharing.
TP @JediPadMaster


People said that Tytus Monkey was evil. He was always getting into trouble.


It could have been because Tytus was irritated by so many things.


He was afraid of bugs, especially cockroaches.

He couldn’t stand it when people were singing.

Plus, he had an utter distrust of all rhinoceroses.


Tytus didn’t detest everything. He loved the three children who had adopted him as their own. They taught him so many things.


The yellow-haired girl taught him to read.

The red-haired girl showed him how to paint.

The dude helped him roller-skate all through the house.


They had many things in common too.


All four of them loved eating waffles.

They loved climbing high.

They all loved painting.

They all loved swimming.

Most of all, they loved going to the store.


Tytus loved walking up to the big store to see the way the doors went Woosh!

Tytus loved how everyone had a job at the store. The red-haired girl and yellow-haired girl had to hold the cart, while the dude rode inside. It was Tytus’s job to ride underneath the buggy while the Boss Lady, the three kid’s mother, did the shopping.

Everyone was content.

Everything was great…until it wasn’t.


The lights were too buzzy. The registers were too beepy. The broken wheel on the cart was too bangy. Tytus knew what was coming next. The red-haired girl started to get upset. Her hands started flapping. Her eyes started blinking, and she began to cry.


“I would never let my daughter act like that in a store!” said a lady in a blue dress with white hair. Tytus didn’t like this lady. She smelled like cheese.


“She has autism,” said Boss Lady. “She gets overwhelmed and can’t tell us why because she can’t talk very well.”


The Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese was not a nice person and replied, “Just because she can’t talk doesn’t mean you can’t teach her some manners.”


Tytus didn’t always understand why people said what they said, but he knew that the Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese was being mean to the Red-Haired Girl. That bothered Tytus more than bugs, singing, and rhinoceroses.


Tytus thought about what the Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese said, and it gave him an idea.

“I can’t talk, but I can definitely teach that lady a lesson,” thought Tytus.


Tytus crept over to the Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese’s shopping cart and loosened the top on her dish detergent, just enough that it started to drip, drop, and plop onto the floor.


When the Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese put one foot into the soapy puddle, she slid all the way across the floor.

She fell into the cage-free eggs.

The eggs tumbled onto a store employee carrying a box of Granny Smith apples.

The store employee dropped his apples, and the box went CRACK as it exploded on the floor.

The Boss Lady stumbled on the apples and lost control of her shopping cart. The cart, with the dude inside, collided with the organic milk display.

The tall milk tower started to lean. It teetered, it tottered, and it toppled over the nearby soda display.

A gigantic milk and soda tidal wave covered everyone. The entire back of the store was a slippery, gooey, bubbly mess.


Tytus thought it was hilarious…until it wasn’t.

The store manager charged down the aisle like an angry rhinoceros. The Boss Lady was coated in eggs. The Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese looked like a volcano ripe to erupt.


Just before everyone’s tempers detonated, the red-haired girl walked over to the egg-soaked Lady Who Smelled Like Cheese. She grabbed the Lady by the hand and helped her back on her feet. Then the dude started to put all of her groceries back in her cart. Next, the yellow-haired girl grabbed some paper towels and started to clean up the mess. Slowly, all the people in the store started to clean, talk, and laugh about what had just happened.


The red-haired girl may not be able to speak, but she taught Tytus a lesson that day. If you are out in the world and can’t find a nice person, you should be one.


Tytus decided he was going to be nice and kind from now on…at least until he wasn’t.


Toby Price author

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