If You Don’t Talk To Your Kids About Dishwashers, Who Will? #autism

            Kids will find a way.  Cell phones, they will find a way to use them.  Pokemon cards, they will still trade them.  Spinners, they will still spin them. Kids will find a way.  Dishwashers, yup dishwashers… kids will find a way.  

This weekend we were all relaxing enjoying our time off.  My oldest asked for some chicken nuggets.  She needs help working the microwave.  We have been teaching her but sometimes 2:00 minutes accidentally becomes 20:00.  If you cook chicken nuggets for 20:00 minutes in the microwave they are less than edible.  So we got up to help her cook, when I walked into the kitchen I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Giant suds and soap were pouring out of the dishwasher it looked like something out of a bad sitcom. If this had happened ten years ago, we would have reacted….poorly. However, we have been autism parents for 15 years this July, which means bring it on.



Luckily there are 5 of us in our family so we had plenty of dirty towels in the hamper to start drying up the soap and bubbles. Once, we made it to the dishwasher, and cut it off, the suds stopped.  We rinsed off all the dishes, put them in the sink, then pulled the bottom rack out.  Five minutes later our trusty shop vac had that mess gone!

Earlier that day, I remember my wife saying, “Weird. We are out of liquid dish soap. We need to pick some up.” Yeah, we were out for a reason. The Dude was trying to help wash the dishes. He poured the entire bottle of liquid soap into the dishwasher.See, we taught him how to put the dishes away. We even showed him how to load the dishwasher. We skipped the part where we showed him how to start the dishwasher. So he did it anyway and the results were kind of hilarious!


That’s what’s amazing about kids, most of them are fearless. They will try anything whether they know about it or not.  So, I propose this… teach them.  Show them what it looks like to post and interact with people appropriately online. Teach them to play with their cards appropriately during break and or recess. (Pull out some uno cards and play with them) Spinners… show them the right way to spin where it doesn’t disrupt class. They will do those things anyway. The Dude wanted to start the dishwasher. So he did. He didn’t do it right, but his intentions were good. Model appropriate behavior when it warrants it. Show them the right way.

May the Force Be With You,


Toby Price


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